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Money resources for parents and carers

Teach children about finances with money lesson ideas, games and quizzes.

When children and young people start to learn about money and careers at school, they’re more likely to manage their personal finances better once they leave.

Helping Financial Wellbeing Happen

Our Money Minds education programmes have had great results. They aim to help prepare the children and young people in your life for their own lives after school or college. They cover everything from how to manage a household budget, to how money can make people feel. You could play an important role in that, so we’ve put together information and tips for you too, to make a sometimes difficult subject easier for you to talk about.

As part of our learning support materials for parents you'll find downloadable packs for each module to allow you to have the right conversations at home. These all act alongside our online games suited to KS3, 4 and 5 learners.


Parent Packs