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Think about all the people you look up to. The individuals you’d trust and follow. That’s what being a leader is all about. Is there a born leader in you?

What’s Leadership all about?

Leadership isn’t just a title: it’s a big responsibility and it’s critical to the way any business runs. But it doesn’t just refer to those people in the most senior roles. In fact, leaders come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: imagine a manager in a branch, a team supervisor in a contact centre, someone who heads up a team of accountants, web developers, or any other role you can think of.

Whatever the Leadership role, the responsibilities are often the same: it’s all about inspiring and motivating the team you lead to deliver the best possible performance. Not to mention creating the kind of environment where everyone on your team can be themselves - and be their best.


What do employers want?

Employers who look for people to join them in leadership roles usually look for lots of experience in working with people. You might already have led a team in a previous role, or you might have experience of leadership in a different setting - in a sports team or as part of volunteering for example.

Either way, what’s really important is a confident approach, lots of integrity, and really strong communication skills. And don’t forget that even in a leadership position, there’s always more to learn and opportunities to grow and develop your skills even further.


What does it mean at YBS?

We link the importance of leadership to our plans for the future. That gives us a clear picture of what we need from our leaders, so we’ve been able to create a definition of ‘what good looks like’. We call this our Leadership Expectations.

There are many benefits to having a Leadership Expectations framework. For leaders and future leaders, it means that there’s proper development based on what they need to perform better. It helps them take ownership of their own futures in a way that works for them.

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