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IT & Digital

This area’s growing incredibly fast and becoming more and more important to employers. But you need soft skills like teamwork as well as a techy brain!

What’s IT & Digital all about?

It’s big and growing very fast. Some three million people work in tech in the UK, and more are joining the industry all the time. Roles vary from hardware to software-based, cyber security to games development, and forensics to web design and telecoms. By the time you finish school or uni, there will be even more.


What do employers want?

They might be after specific programming languages or other technical knowledge. You also have to show you’re really interested - maybe you’ve built an app or taken part in a hackathon. Lots of employers will want to see soft skills too, such as communication. That’s because you’ll always need to talk to colleagues, and maybe even clients to find out what they need.


What about IT & Digital at YBS?

They help us transform our business, believe it or not! They’ve helped get rid of 500,000 pieces of paper and digitised our business so that we can spend more time focusing on customers. And there are many more projects going on, and in the pipeline. Tech always makes a big impact in finance, and it’s no different here.

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