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Human Resources

Human Resources (or HR) help colleagues through every moment that matters, from the point of looking to join a business right through to leaving.

What’s HR all about?

HR find and recruit new joiners for businesses. They also help people with their career, development and rewards so that they can bring their authentic selves to work and be their best in their roles. They support both colleagues and managers through every moment that matters, such as sickness and maternity leave, and helping to increase performance.

Getting the right people into the right roles, motivating them to perform at their best, giving them a tailored career path through learning and development (L&D), and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion are just a few of the main duties of an HR professional. Nearly every organisation has an HR team or dedicated person. In smaller organisations you could be responsible for a number of areas, while in larger ones you might specialise in something like employment law, learning & development, performance and reward, or recruitment and talent management.


What do employers want?

Employers look for a wide range of skills and qualities. What’s important are adaptability, curiosity, an entrepreneurial approach, emotional intelligence and an ability to think strategically. You also need to be well-organised and someone who works well in a team. And as you can imagine, discretion and trustworthiness are very important when you’re dealing with people’s personal information. Above all, you need to be a real people person.


What about HR at YBS?

Our HR team looks after everyone at YBS and is responsible for the experience we have here at work. That means people planning, leadership development, keeping colleagues engaged, and learning & development.

What’s also important is building a working environment where everyone is treated equally, and where we all feel welcome.

It’s all about creating a culture that not just helps managers lead their teams effectively, but helps every colleague in every department (and we have lots!) do their best every day.

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