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Businesses have huge amounts of data, but it takes a data scientist to analyse it and ‘translate’ what it means. Data scientists are in really high demand these days.

What’s Data all about?

From predicting what people will buy, to figuring out the effects of pollution, data scientists turn data into useful information for businesses. They collect that data from a huge range of sources and transform it with tools like algorithms, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and statistics so that non-data people can understand what it means. And because of that, Data Scientists are in very high demand.


What do employers want?

Lots of organisations across government, ecommerce, finance, scientific research and more are on the lookout for Data Scientists. You need to be good at maths, analysis and problem solving, and you need to be able to use a range of data tools. Just as importantly, you have to be able to ‘translate’ all this information for people who aren’t scientists, so that it makes sense to them.

Data Scientists also love a challenge - if their initial ideas don’t work, they quickly think up more until they have a solution to the problem in front of them.

Many Data Scientists start out in analyst roles, as this is a useful way to build up skills in collecting, processing and analysing data. So look out for this kind of opportunity first if your ambition is to become a data scientist.


What about Data at YBS?

We’re a financial business, which means we get really excited by numbers and data.

In fact, you’ll find data at the heart of everything we do - it helps us run our business, look after our members, make decisions, and plan for our future.

Data is actually very important to every finance organisation - not just ours - but our data team is one of the best around. And that’s why we look for people who aren’t just good at maths - but who have really enjoyed it since school.

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