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Customer Service

Nearly every organisation needs experts in customer service. Whether you're there in person or on the phone, you could be representing a business to its customers.

What’s Customer Service all about?

You’ll find customer service people in almost every industry, and they’re responsible for managing teams, meeting targets, and above all, making sure customers are happy.

At YBS, the job involves dealing with customers over the phone, via webchat and instant messaging, and using email, which reflects the growing number of ways that customers want to interact with us.

Whatever the business, customer service people usually work in offices or at customer service desks in places like shops or train stations. They’re often the face of the organisation, which means they need to look smart, be calm, professional and responsible at all times, especially if the customer is upset, or needs extra reassurance.


What do employers want?

You'll need to be a good listener, so you can understand what customers want. Then you need to be able to help them, and work with other colleagues to solve the issue if that’s what’s required. You’ll be good at solving problems, and understand multiple different viewpoints. Patience is vital too.

Later on, things like being good at motivating a team and coming up with ways to improve standards all become more important. You also have to be able to organise and plan well, and get even better at customer service.


What’s Customer Service about at YBS?

There are two main parts to our customer service. The first is our contact centre team. Here, our 1,000 colleagues are the voice of YBS, helping millions of members with the big moments in their lives, from buying their home to saving for their retirement.

The other side is our branch teams, the friendly face of YBS. They make sure everyone who walks through our doors enjoys a warm welcome and a fantastic experience and go the extra mile whether it’s a big life moment or an older, vulnerable customer who needs extra help and may not have anyone to chat to.

Together, our teams provide real help with real life.


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