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Marketing is all about having the skills to help products and services stand out - and to persuade people to buy them.

What’s marketing all about?

Think about your favourite brands: the trainers you wear, the snacks you eat, the bike you ride. A marketing team in each of those companies has written, designed and managed the ads and the packaging that make you really want them. It’s all about having the skills to help products and services stand out - and to persuade people to buy them.

As well as marketing itself, the area covers PR and advertising, and you’ll find all three in every business sector, industry, government and not-for-profit organisation. People usually work in an agency full of similar specialists or for particular organisations. There are lots of areas to work in too - you could focus on digital media, creating communications, metrics and research, managing client accounts, market research, event management, community involvement, public affairs or many more.


What do employers want?

They’ll look for a good understanding of digital techniques, teamwork, initiative and imagination just to start. You also need to get on really well with others and work under pressure. Negotiation skills and flexibility are often on the list - things can change very quickly in marketing so it’s important to adapt fast.


What about Marketing at YBS?

Here at YBS, we have lots of different products, from savings to mortgages to insurance. And each of those products needs to be marketed in different ways to different customers.

One day our Commercial Marketing team might be working on an advertising campaign for our latest ISA. The next we could be developing a social media plan to tell the world about our newest mortgage deal. And the next we could be creating email marketing campaigns, a TV ad, a series of press ads, some posters and leaflets for our branches, or virtually any other type of communication.

What’s more, all of our marketing communications need to help our customers understand that we’re here to offer ‘Real Help with Real Life’. So the team is also responsible for making sure this message is loud and clear in everything we do.

It all means that marketing can sound more complicated than it first appears - but it can also be a really exciting and fast-moving place to work, too.

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