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What’s Legal all about?

When people hear ‘legal profession’, they usually think solicitor or barrister.

Solicitors often work in local or national government, for in-house legal teams, or with high street practices. That’s where the cases can cover criminal, family, probate and business law. Barristers tend to be self-employed and are based in a set of chambers. They also work for organisations like the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) or Armed Forces legal services.

There are legal careers to be found in other places too, such as banks and building societies, insurance companies and HR departments of large firms.


What do employers want?

Employers look for strong academic grades, and the law degree entrance exam can give you a great idea of what’s required.

There are lots of other skills that are important. For example, you’ll need to be good at making reasoned verbal and written arguments. And you’ll also need to be able to understand, interpret and analyse lots of often complex information - and draw well thought out conclusions from it, too.


What about Legal at YBS?

Our legal team provides wide-ranging support to people across our business to help them make important, strategic decisions. They advise on everything from commercial contracts and product development to employment matters, treasury and data protection, while also helping to protect our customers and colleagues.

It’s a rewarding place to begin a law career and to build and develop your legal skills. For example, we often look for Legal Assistants or Paralegals who are just at the beginning of their career journeys and looking to learn and grow as they work.

And because the work we do combines the complexity of finance law with lots of different products and a huge number of customers, it’s also just as exciting as it is rewarding.

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