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Risk & Compliance

They help by spotting any potential risks and making sure that companies comply with regulations.

What’s Risk and Compliance all about?

Risk Management involves spotting and evaluating any risks an organisation might face and coming up with ways to protect against them. Compliance means making sure the organisation complies with laws and regulations in the first place, so that there aren’t as many risks. Lots of industries have regulations these days, and you could choose to focus on areas like financial crime, monitoring, regulatory affairs or trade surveillance.


What do employers want?

The right qualifications are becoming more important, but your skills will be even more so. You need to be able to make decisions quickly, sometimes when the information isn’t clear. In some sectors, you only have minutes to make up your mind. There’s lots of detail in compliance work, so you should be happy dealing with that. And since there can be a few projects happening at once, you need to be able to prioritise and manage them all.


What about Risk and Compliance at YBS?

We have two risk teams. Enterprise Risk makes sure that risk management is in place and helps managers understand it better. Prudential Risk are our ‘eyes and ears’ of risk - they work with the business to provide specialist insight. The Compliance team helps us prepare for things we can’t really see coming. They provide advice, oversight and legal support.

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